Subject: Rome: No air conditioning, grounds to leave Hotel?
Hi Ziners:

I am in Rome. I have been here since Sunday, and have totally fallen in love with this magnificent city.

The only problem I encountered was at one of the hotels I stayed at. In its brochures and advertisements it says it has air conditioning and televisions. I arrived there at 2pm Tuesday, dropped off my bags and went back to sightseeing. When I returned at 11:30pm, my room was hot, and the air conditioner only blew hot air. I was told by the front desk manager that all the air conditioners shut off at midnight (my guess is that they dont work at all--but thats besides the point) Anyway, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep in a hot room, so I asked the night mgr to call me a cab, to take me to another hotel.

Needless to say he was very angry with me. He first tried to lock the front door so I couldn't leave, then repeatedly asked for my credit card saying I would have to pay anyway. I refused to give it to him. But the hotel has my credit card number. I submitted it when originally I booked the room.

If they charge my card for that first day, is it reasonable to dispute the charge? Also, I orignally booked the room for 4 nights... is it possible that they can charge me for all four nights? Another aside here... they advertise --in English-- that each room as a t.v. But there is no English language tv avialable there.. only Italian. Isnt this a bit misleading? I don;t get to watch t.v. Except when I am on vacation-- so, while not a deal breaker, this too, was kind of a bummer for me. The two other hotels I stayed at have CNN MSNBC, BBC, etc...

Two hotels I would highly reccommend; Hotel Savoy, and Ludovisi Palace. Both have been top flight, wonderful and luxurious for about 190 euros a night.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Gerri (from L.A.)