Subject: Re: What have you eaten lately/only in France!
Hi Zine Friends- Just home from France - for less than 24 hours before we head for Quito, Ecuador tomorrow. We arrived at our place in the south of France last Friday, after having arrived at CDG in the morning, caught a train to Montpellier, then drove (hey the verb conjugations are wrong, but I'm too jetlagged to figure em out correctly) to our village. By the time we had done some needed upkeep, and then shopping, we were too tired to go out to eat, and couldn't find anything quick we wanted in the store. Saw some cheap foie gras, and thought of making a salad to go with bread and foie gras for a quick easy supper. It was delicious - and I kept thinking only in France.... A couple of days later we finished off the foie gras for lunch one day, adding a spread of black olive tapenade on the fresh-from-the-baker bread- and discovered how marvelous THAT tasted together. Gotta go pack- Anne in VA