Subject: Re: Trains
Hi Pat

I have taken the Thalys train (high speed) from Brussels to Paris. Not particularly interesting - at least I don't recall it as being interesting! You might check some of the discount European airlines for bargains but the train journey is very quick and make take you closer to where you want to be.

Here's the website:

It says that there is a limit of 2 suitcases and one hand luggage per person) and a luggage rack is situated above the seats and luggage storage space is situated at either end of all carriages.

Are you traveling with a rail pass? If you are, you can use it on the Thalys contrary to what you read. We did. The ticket agent in Brussels told us that there weren't any seats available for us for the day we wanted to travel but after asking more questions, we found we could travel second class (our rail passes were first class) with a fee of 10 Euros per person which included the reservation fee. The trip from Brussels to Paris is fast - only 1 hours 40 minutes.

Beware strange helpful men at the Metro /RER ticket area of Gare du Nord. Don't know what their scam was but they wanted us to use the ticket machine instead of buying a ticket from the counter. Must be something to do with credit card duplication. We managed to deter the first helper and then another tried the same thing! Very odd.

Frances Toronto, Canada