Subject: Re: Trains
Pat is trying to decide wheteher to fly or entrain from AMS to PAR - here's my suggestion, on two counts. 1. Time - I am often amazed why people fly short distances, as the lead-time to takeoff, plus the deplaning and transport to city centre usually adds up to several times the actual journey - in some cases its longer than the equivalent rail or coach journey. Trains usually depart and arrive from city centre. It wouldn't be hard to research the rail time from someone like 2. Enjoyment - train seats these days (even 2nd class) are as comfortable as planes, and generally its less congested. And train travel has the obvious advantage of seeing the country as you pass, not really an option at 25,000 feet.

Of course, the cost angle comes into it too, though likely there's not a great difference with package fares.

For me, its train (or coach, though motorways are hardly scenic) as often as possible

Paul in Sydney