Subject: Re: Adapting to local custom (was Rome: No air conditioning)
Gerri, The important bit about your experience is that the hotel was not providing the perks you expected. The key is to ask questions, ask again, and ask a third time, before you reserve.

You might consider turning on a local TV station. I remember spending a pleasant afternoon with a Spanish family watching the bullfight.

They treat this as North Americans do watching any sport. To stay in touch, we buy the International Herald Tribune while travelling, if only to check the box scores. We've met many North Americans with whom we've shared portions of the paper over a cafe creme. However your hotel manager sounds like an unpleasant sort and that is another thing altogether.

On that note, many years ago we were in Morocco during Ramadan and the hotels routinely turned off the hot water during the day. We got into the spirit and had our showers after sunset, then went out for dinner with the celebrants who were breaking the daily fast. The first hotel manager tried to explain why this was a routine occurence but we never did figure out the logic of it. When in Rome... Lucy, Toronto