Subject: Re: St. Petersburg - Visa and tour queries
Hi, Penny,

My husband and I are going to St. Petersburg and Scandinavia on a 20- day Grand Circle Travel tour in late May. We have applied and received our visa to Russia. This was how we got ours done:

1)Grand Cicle Travel sent us visa application forms. 2)Each of us filled out a application form, attached a picture, and sent our passport and a check along to a visa service company in Virgigia. 3)We received our visa back in about 14 days. The visa was good from X date to Y date (for a 2-week interval). I cannot tell whether it is for single entry or multiple entry.

We paid the visa service company approximately $125 per person. That includes visa application fee and their service. I do not know what the breakdowns are.

Mei-Ching (Massachusetts)