Subject: Euro vs. Dollar - Updates from recent travelers??
Bonjour Ziners,

I read the following paragraph from an Internet business travel newsletter concerning the falling dollar and the rising Euro.

That huge swing cannot be ignored. It means that a EUR 100 meal in a Parisian bistro or a Roman trattoria, which cost just $85 in April, 2002, now costs about $125. A hotel room in Munich that costs EUR 200 a night is the equivalent of about $250 today. That same room cost Americans just $170 two years ago. Ditto cab rides, shopping, museum admissions and whatever you may be buying in Western Europe.

Looks like I will be eating more picnics and in small neighborhood cafes of the main Paris tourist streets. :)

I am curious what the more recent travelers to Paris found in the way of prices for meals, rooms, transportation and admission fees. While the higher Euro is not great for Americans, did it really cause financial pain for your recent travels? Did you significantly reduce your time or activities due to the higher cost of the Euro?

Are any Europeans planning to travel in the USA now that we are becoming such a low cost bargain?

Merci, Paul Near Seattle.