Subject: Re: Euro vs. Dollar - Updates from recent travelers??
Hi Tom and fellow Ziners,

We found London very expensive, too. TimeOut's Cheap Eats in London was an excellent guide to budget eating but even they consider cheap to be no more than 20 pounds per person for two courses plus a half bottle of house wine or a couple of beers plus service. Not exactly cheap in my mind!

The editorial in the front of the book says that the Retail Price Index has risen by little over 50 per cent in the last 15 years and the real price of raw food has actually fallen. The problem lies with overhead and the rise of food as fashion. To counteract the overhead costs, the guide suggests going to less fashionable areas of the city. Try to find old-established and /or family-run venues which will usually have substantially lower overhead (no mortgage, etc.) To deal with fashion, try ethnic foods and eat them close to the communities. For example, they suggest Edgeware Road for Middle Eastern and Shoreditch for Vietnamese.

As for the double billing, it may be that the system was new and faulty or there was a network problem. It happens!

Frances Toronto, Canada