Subject: Picnics
Hi Travelers:

Candice's reply had me thinking about picnics. My experience is that we in the US rarely picnic at noon or so on drives, but our friends in Europe (from all walks on the economic scale) love picnics at that time. I tend to think that the relatively short driving distances seem to foster the practice, but I cannot say that I have scientific data on the subject. I can say that we do more picnics in two weeks in Europe that we do in a year in the US. And we are not alone. Every picnic area in which we have stopped in Europe there seem to be a gazillion others doing the same thing. We have met a bunch of people in picnic areas slicing cheese, breaking bread and drinking wine. The vehicles in the picnic areas run the gamut from old VW vans reminiscent of the '60's to Rolls-Royces (do you have any Grey Poupon?). The fun thing about a picnic area is that you really can meet interesting people from all walks of life. Even on our latest ski trip people were picnicking next to the slopes. There is no doubt that it can be cheaper than a restaurant, but given the people who do it that cannot be the sole reason.

What is your experience?

Tom planning his next picnic in Carlisle.