Subject: Re: Desserts
Hello Diners:

Do you share desserts with your fellow diners? It is a common practice here in the US, but I remember one trip to the south of France in which we stayed at a really lovely chateau. It was off season and we (6 of us) were virtually alone in the dining room. When it came time to order dessert, it was up to me to order for the 6 of us. I told the young waitress that we would take all 6 of the choices on the menu. That started the confusion. All 6, Monsieur? Oui, all six. But who gets which? Realizing that sharing was not a concept commonly understood, I assigned each of our diners a dessert. After the desserts came we started rotating them around the table so each could sample. Meanwhile the door to the kitchen cracked ever so slightly and in the crack were lined up, one over each other, the entire wait staff and kitchen staff straining to look at the crazy people. It was fun and by the way, delicious.

Then there was the time when a friend from England would share everybody's dessert but her own, but that is another story.

Tom in Carlisle.