Subject: Re: Euro vs. Dollar - Updates from recent travelers??

The question of spending a lot of money on food is a highly personal one and there is simply no right or wrong, just differences. Some people eat to live while others live to eat.

For me, part of the memory of travel is the dining. Yes, as you say, the food may leave my body, but for me, the dining experience is as memorable as a visit to an important place. As far as calories go, expensive or cheap dining experiences don't factor into the equation. It's probably easier to get fat on McDonald's than in a fine restaurant. It has to do with portion, not cost.

The other day, after viewing a Miro exhibit at the Pompidou Center, my friend and I wanted a coffee, so we had one at their outdoor cafe. We knew we could have had one down the street for about $2.00 less per cup, but we wanted to enjoy it in that particular ambiance. For us, it was as important as the drink itself. Others may have gone to a McDonald's for theirs. Again, no right or wrong, just different preferences.

Candice NYC (paris this week)