Subject: Re: Euro vs. Dollar - Updates from recent travelers??
Candice... I agree. Some of our best memories come from eating in restaurants, whether it be a waiter we made a connection with or people at the next table that we spoke to. One year, we went to a restaurant we had anticipated, and though it wasn't as good as we'd hoped, it was still memorable because a young couple at the next table started up a conversation with us, and that memory is still with us. That said, we are on a budget, so we try to find restaurants that are both enjoyable and reasonably priced... that takes a lot of research, especially with the current state of the dollar. I also agree about the coffee that you paid $2.00 more for. I consider an expensive cup of coffee

the price for our seat in the place we want to be and well worth the extra cost. We make up for it by grabbing a pastry or a crêpe for another meal. Another thing we like to do is eat snacks at cafés... they make for great people watching, and we can get things there like salad with goat cheese and Poîlane bread, pâte and bread with a glass of wine, or a croque madame :-) All enjoyable and things we can't find at home.

Best, Sandy in Illinois