Subject: Re: St. Petersburg - Visa and tour queries
Hi Gary and other helpful Ziners:

Thanks for the advice on obtaining a Russian Tourist Visa in Toronto. I'm a librarian, and I couldn't find that information or web site on the internet - It wasn't even listed in the phone book, so I'm very impressed.

I'm now hoping to get some advice on being a tourist in St. Petersburg. Do you need a guide, or can you get by on your own? Is it safe to travel without being in a group? Bob speaks some Russian, but it is rusty and more academic than street Russian.

Any advice with dos and don'ts and must sees will be gratefully appreciated. We will have 6 days in St. Petersburg, 4 in Stockholm, 2 in Copenhagen, 2 in Helsinki and 2 in Tallinn.

Penny, in sunny but cold Toronto