Subject: Do you need a permit to film in certain places in Turkey?
Hi Linda, Wilma and Howard, Thanks so much for the info concerning finding ATMs in Turkey! Really appreciate your assistance and I'll be sure to post my travel journal when I return.

Wilma, I do have a question: Did you use a video camera? If so, was it necessary to purchase a permit or ticket to film (or shoot stills) in the museums and mosques? Or was photography not allowed in certain places? My husband always shoots about 8 hours of video film when we make a trip. Then he edits it down into an hour long travelogue that we share with friends. He's a little concerned about not offending anyone and we can't seem to find anything in the guidebooks we have concerning this subject. If you, or anyone else, has information on this, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Three weeks from now we will be in Istanbul!

Thanks to everyone, Ruth Marie Colorado