Subject: Re: Blag
Stewart and other Ziners, Blag? What a great word.

We went to Ireland in 1993 for the Dublin Theatre Festival and saw three plays in less than 36 hours with touring and eating in between. One play was a midnight rendition of what would have happened if the drunkards who were to prepare Da Vinci for his funeral found that he was still alive? Answer: They'd lose their commission for preparing the corpse, so of course they had to re-kill him. The trip followed our usual routine: plan and rush - plan for the performances by buying tickets (pre-online we did it by mail) and then run around Dublin from theatre to theatre.

We stayed in a suitably inexpensive bed and breakfast with charming hosts. As we had a 7:00 a.m. departure for the airport, we couldn't park in the local underground lot which opened at 8:00 a.m. So, our host advised us to park in the bus lane stop in front and assured us that the doorman would watch the car so the local constabulary wouldn't have us towed. In the morning, we were offered a small breakfast - scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, oatmeal, fruit and tea - with many apologies because the kitchen wasn't prepared for a full breakfast!

While paying our bill, I noticed a poster for the Festival and mused about the fact that we hadn't picked up one because we weren't organized about this venture. The deskman, who had watched our car all night, very kindly and carefully pulled it off of the wall, rolled it up and handed it me saying Please take it. And come back to Ireland soon. It's now framed and hanging in our house as a reminder of the festival and of Irish hospitality. And that's why we travel - because of friendly folks like this.

I'm sorry I didn't take home the red velvet curtains from the Plaza in New York City. Very tacky and in bad taste but it would have been a story. Lucy in Toronto (planning a trip to Ireland in May)