Subject: Re: Request for input on Washington DC trip
Greetings, Walton, and group,

We are many-time visitors to Washington, DC, and just returned from another great exploration of the capital city. The most interesting new find for us this time was the International Spy Museum. We were on a school trip, and I had assumed this was a fluff place targeted for the kids. Wrong! They had to drag the adults out of there. If you are interested in espionage and spy games throughout history, this is a well-curated, multimedia-rich exhibit that I found fascinating.

Another less recent addition to the usual monuments and museums is the very moving US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

On your monument list, don't forget to allow sufficient time for the FDR Memorial--it's absolutely wonderful, and the audio tour is worthwhile.

Finally, don't forget to utilize the Washington Post as your trip draws near for learning about current events in the city. There are daily, free concerts at the outdoor Kennedy Center Millennium Stage overlooking the Potomac. If you are interested in seeing politics at work, hands down, the best place to go is to a Congressional hearing. Schedules can be found online, in the daily Post and by checking in with your Representative's office for their tip on what might be a hot proceeding to view. You should, of course, make contact now with your Rep. and Sen. for any and all passes and other pave-the-way assistance they might offer for making your visit smoother.

Enjoy your return to DC.

Diana Ball near Houston, TX