Subject: Re: Buying a car overseas
Hi Ziners,

Once again displaying my age, I can comment that my husband and I did this in 1958. We ordered a VW Karmann Ghia - they were very new then - and picked it up at the plant in #snabruck, Germany. To say we were naive at the time is putting it mildly, as we did the ordering in Berkeley, CA during the early summer, and were told the car would be ready in early November. I don't remember the exact date, but we got on a train, went to #snabruck, got a taxi which we paid for with dollars because we hadn't changed any money (the taxi driver took our word for what the exchange rate was) and arrived at the factory at 5:00 a.m. There were people there who told us the car wouldn't be ready until noon. We wandered around the town, got breakfast, and went back about 11:45. At noon our lovely little car was handed over.

We drove back to Paris where we were going to school at the time, then later drove all around France, Spain, Italy, then went to school in Germany, and drove north through Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and then took us and the car to Hamburg, where we put it on a boat to California. We spent our last month on bicycles and trains, and shortly after we got home, so did our car.

It was a wonderful deal for us. The price was low for the car, and all that driving (at that time it had to be 1000 miles) meant that we paid almost nothing in the way of taxes.

Sorry for the long story, but it may serve to show how long this has been done. We were delighted in every way...we drove the car for 8 years and sold it to a friend when we left for Peace Corps work in Peru. He drove it for another 4 years.

I hope others have a more recent story!

Happy Easter everyone! Pat in California