Subject: Re: NYC

Why yes, we have hundreds of hotels and thousands of restaurants in NYC.

Some hotel recommendations: If you want uptown, some great ones are: The Lowell, The Regency, The Four Seasons, Plaza Athenee, Parker Meridian, The Peninsula.

Personally, I don't like The Plaza because the lobby is crawling with too many tourists.

For a more midtown location: The Morgan and the W are good choices. In this area, I don't like the Grand Hyatt - again way too many tourists in the lobby and people hurrying to Grand Central Station.

If you prefer downtown: The Soho Grand, the Tribeca Grand are good choices, though I prefer the locaion of the Soho Grand. For very trendy, the Mercer Hotel and The Thom Hotel are two good Soho choices.

There a lots of restaurants that stand out in my mind for great food and great dining experiences. Some of them are: Gramercy Tavern, Union Square Cafe, Nobu, Bouley, Danube and

Chanterelle for high end dining.

In the more mid-range, Mesa Grill, Tabla, Aqua Grill, Blue Water Grill, Park Avalon, Po, Cafe des Artistes, Pastsis, Balthazaar and Tamarind.

You can look them up in a Zagat for a review of the cuisines and locations. Get a copy of a NYC Zagat, it's essential in my opinion.

Use it to reserve places in advace. Also carry it around so if you see a place that looks interesting, you can quickly look up a review and possibly save yourself from a bad meal.

If you have any specific questions, just ask.

Candice NYC