Subject: Re: Buying a car overseas
Dear Travelers,

I am not ashamed to reveal my age either. In 1975, we planned ahead to pick up a new Mercedes Benz at the factory in Stuttgart. It was probably one of the most thrilling things we had ever done. White-coated attendants escorted us out to the parking lot after the museum tour. We were introduced to our car with great ceremony and detail. By the time all was completed, it was five o'clock traffic as all the factory/office workers took to the rain-slick autobahn. In the first five minutes we saw five wrecked Mercedes.

We made our way through Germany and France on the Route Napoleon and dropped off the car in Nice to be shipped home to Texas. The hardest part was finding the shipping agent who was in the furthermost part of old Nice. But such fun.

The whole thing went well according to plan and would not hesitate to do it again.

Jane in Tulsa