Subject: NYC hotels/Long Island
Hello Candice and Barry,

Thanks so much for the recommendations. I will be seeing a couple of doctors near Park Ave as well as on E. 63rd St.. My main concern is safety (as it is with any traveler) but I don't want to spend more than $250.00 per night. So if I have to pay extra $ on a taxi to get to my destinations, so be it! I haven't been to NYC in several years, so that's why I appreciate your advice.

Another reason I'm going to NYC is to visit Long Island. I had a relative who paid for the renovations of the Alamo and she had a house next door to FDR's. I know FDR has a presidential home in upstate NY but he had a summer home on Oyster Bay, I believe. I know my relative's home has since been torn down, but I'd like to see the area anyway.

Best, Nelly MS