Subject: Re: London in February
Hello Paul and other winter warriors!

For years, I've gone to London for 10-15 years in the winter - from December to March - and recommend it. There are not the gaggles of tourists (European & Asians as well as US), the performance season is going full bore, and you can explore so much stuff and really feel like a native. I've taken the train/bus to Stratford, gotten on buses off to here and there for the day, and wanted to, but never did, take the train to France. It's also mucho cheaper. Accomodations and all. I plan to get back to London in December - have to do something or will lose tons of BA FF miles as went elsewhere and/or on other airlines during the past couple of years.

Winter is really the best time to travel! Even though this year, I'm traveling in Spring and fall - but that's to Asia!

Cheers! Jo, in sunny Sunnyvale in Northern CA!