Subject: Re: NYC hotel

I have to disagree with your recommendation of the Holiday Inn on 57th between 8th and 9th Ave's for Nelly. I think it's an inconvenient location for her as she will have appt's on the east side, so why stay on the west side? Additionally, though it's only two blocks west of Carnegie Hall, it's quite far west and some of the streets in that general area are quite seedy and run-down.

I could be wrong, but it sounds like Nelly will be here alone (true Nelly?) and I think the area might be a little off-putting for someone who's not a street savvy NYer and she might not feel safe in that area at night.

If $150. a night were her top price and it was the only decent hotel in that range, I'd consider it a good option. However, since she can spend more, I would advise her to stay on the east side. I have the feeling she'd be more comfortable there and it's closer to her appts. Just my opinion.

Candice NYC