Subject: Galapagos cruise
Dear Ziners:

Just wanted to report that my husband and I just returned from a one month trip to Ecuador, the Galapagos and Panama. The highlight of the trip was of course the Galapagos. It was everything we had hoped it would be and more! We selected the ship Cachalote for our one week cruise and made all arrangements with a Quito based company, Sangay Touring. Martin Slater of Sangay was very kind and helped us with our decision to select the Cachalote. It is a 16 passenger diesel powered sailing ship (she put her sails up twice), 97 feet long. She has 7 cabins on the lower deck and 1 cabin (masters cabin) on the main deck. That cabin is just off the saloon where meals are taken. We opted for it and were very pleased. The chef was wonderful and the meals always excellent! The captain and crew were also great. They even put on a little show for us the evening we crossed the equator. The Cachalote sailed to wonderful islands. Because she is small we were always able to be in small anchorages and never had more than 3 other small boats anchored in the near by. The advantage was that we were never with hordes of other people. The only exception was when we anchored at Porto Ayora which is the home of the Darwin Center and a base for the larger (110 passenger ships). Our Class III guide, Juan, was fabulous! The snorkeling was wonderful as the water was warm and calm. We shall never forget swimming with penguins and sea lions!

Of course the whole trip was wonderful! Equador (Quito/Cafe Cultura, the higlands/Hacienda Cusin), Panama (city/Country Inn at Amador, canal transit, Contadora/Punta Galeon, Boquete/Coffee Estate Inn), and of course, the Galapagos!

Just wanted to share!

With kindest regards, Jane, Boca Raton