Subject: Re: NY to San Diego road trip - Las Vegas wedding
Hi Ziners,

I think I need to clarify my query about Las Vegas weddings. My daughter and her fiance will have a large formal wedding in Italy within the next couple of years. However, they are 24 years old, have lived together in London for nearly six years and have themselves separated for most of the past year by my daughter's visa problems.

A wedding this summer in Las Vegas would mean that my daughter could join her fiance in London. Her fiance is quite intrigued by pop American culture and I think that something like an Elvis wedding would probably suit them -- particularly since they will still have their real wedding in Italy.

As far as the cross-country trip goes, I think they would like to stop in Chicago and probably Kansas City. Knowing them, they would probably like to follow as close to the old Route 66 as they could.

Landra in barely blooming upstate New York