Subject: Re: Buenos Aires
Hi Harry -

I'm just so envious of your up coming trip to South America!

We just spent a week in Buenos Aires this past mid- March and believe me, we will certainly be returning. We thought is was a marvelous city, no question!

The most outstanding restaurant we ate at was:

Rodizio Restaurant brazuca located in Puerto Madero (the totally redone harbor area) at Av. Davila 838, Phone: 4334-3638.

It was a wonderful night to eat in their patio area at this very fine dinner house. First, they bring you a very delicious complimentary drink even before you order, and you will find many restaurants do this in Buenos Aires The meal consists of a buffet table - not the usual greens with watered down dressing - but all kinds of wonderful cold dishes, which you can help yourself to freely, and then they come around one at a time every 10 minutes with huge skewers with the most delectable meats you can ever imagine, just as an example, sausages, lamb ribs, chicken, and about 3 to 4 different kinds of beef. You can have as much as you want of anything every time they come around with a different skewer of meat. Go easy on the buffet selections to make room for these tempting and very delicious meats. And then after all of that, there's a decision to make of the selection of 6 or 8 different desserts - p.s. my husband thought the banana split would indeed be an American banana split, but it was only banana ice cream. But I got lucky with something like a bread pudding with wonderful sauces. Everything , including desert, was a prix fix price of approximately between $17 to $20 U.S. Just can't remember exactly and of course the bottle of wine was extra, but didn't cost more than about $7 or $8 U.S.

They have three locations, but we went to the one located in Puerto Madero as I mentioned before, but they do have two other locations.

Here is their web site if you're interested:

They also have Teatro Colon, one of six of the finest opera houses in the world. The best seat in the house only costs about $15 U.S. They have opera as well as ballet performances. During the day, we took an English speaking tour of this magnificent opera house and it was an absolutely wonderful tour and only costs about $3 to $4 U.S. for about an 1 1/2 hours. I would say this is definitely a don't miss tour as well as a performance in the evening.

I hope I have helped a bit and I just know you'll have an absolutely terrific time!!!

Happy travels, Rose - Los Angeles