Subject: Re: NY to San Diego road trip - Las Vegas wedding
Dear Landra, After looking at the map, Chicago to St. Louis, from St. Louis to Springfield, Missouri where they can see the original Pro Bass shop and then drop down to Branson, Missouri which is on (near) one of the prettiest lakes in Missouri. They would have to back track some to get back on I44 Then Hiw 40 from there..

But, today people at work were saying Utah should not be missed. I hope they enjoy the long miles. As far as places to stay just get all the books and compare the prices. In the midwest there

is the Super 8 and motel 6, in the west it's the Best Western, and in Las Vegas check all the deals before you leave home. I agree the AAA membership will pay for itself. Not only the discounts but maps and books and before the trip you can go to the store or online for advice.

Wilma in K.C.