Subject: Re: NY to San Diego road trip - Las Vegas wedding
Hello Landra and Other Ziners,

You've gotten lots of good advice. The only thing I would add is that we have saved considerably on motels on road trips in the past by stopping at the state information buildings as you enter each state. Nearly all of them have a booklet of coupons for motels/hotels in that state, as well as a wealth of brochures on all the attractions, with hours, prices, etc. I have always found them extremely helpful in terms of giving directions, recommendations for best places to eat nearby, etc. They have also saved us countless misery advising us of major highway construction and how to bypass it. It's worth a quick stop. Nevada is one state I'd be sure to stop at the border, because there are so many ways to save money if you get clued in.

They will have plenty of advice and a lot of good wishes for safe traveling from all their Zine friends they didn't even know they had.

Happy and safe travels to all,

Lou at Lakeway, TX (It's been a dark, rainy, dreary day)