Subject: Re: Shopping, Dining in South America
Hello Harry,

Here are some recommendations for your visit to Santiago,

A restaurant you might consider is De Cangrejo a Conejo (From Crab to Rabbit) at Avda. Italia 805, Providencia, tel. 634-4041. It's Chilean cuisine meets fusion. When you arrive at the simple unadorned building (with no sign) your first thoughts are this must be wrong. But ring the bell and the door is opened (not unlike a speakeasy during Prohibition) and you enter into a stylishly designed modern

restaurant. We read about it in Conde Nast and had to try it.

Santiago also has a wonderful seafood market, el Mercado Central, with excellent restaurants despite it's location at the foot of the Andes. And the neighborhood of Bellavista has many wonderful dining choices, as well as Pablo Neruda's residence, La Chascona, which is now a museum.

As for shopping we discovered an excellent shop offering varieties of folkart from throughout the country. The Casa de la Cultura Anahuac located in the Parque Metropolitano has a wide variety of items ranging from clothing to pottery and more.

John in San Diego