Subject: Re: NYC hotels
Hi Nelly, You've received some great hotel and restaurant recommendations. As a frequent visitor to NYC, I would recommend flying into La Guardia, particularly if you are staying on the East Side. We have found that the trip into Manhattan is quicker from La Guardia than Newark, and less expensive. Coming in from New Jersey, you will be stuck coming in through the tunnel; with La Guardia there are more choices so you are less at the mercy of traffic (if there is such a thing in New York). An added bonus is that La Guardia is an easy airport to get around.

One restaurant I would recommend is Les Halles. There are two locations- at 15 John Street and 411 Park Ave South. We've been to the Park Ave location. It's very much like a big, noisy French bistro with tables jammed together. Go for lunch - it's less expensive - but you should reserve. I don't know if the Zine New Yorkers would recommend it, but we enjoyed the experience. Lucy, Toronto (heading out to Boston for the Marathon next weekend)