Subject: Re: NYC hotels and transportation
Hello Ziners:

I have arrived at NYC at all three airports and Kennedy is the worst because of the distance to Manhattan. This is especially true when arriving late and in bad weather. Try fighting seasoned New Yorkers for a taxi at 1:00am. Reservations for the cheap limos seem to vanish at these hours. Also, a high percentage of the taxis leaving Kennedy are in disrepair with non-working seatbelts, flat tires and drivers who don't match the picture on the id tag. There is a Carey bus that leaves from Kennedy but it is usually filled to capacity and you need to transfer to a small van once in the City. The so called subway that goes to and from Kennedy originates in Queens.

It is difficult to get non stop flights from the West Coast to La Guardia. Flying East with connections is playing Russian roulette.

Newark has a decent airport area with a Diners Club lounge if you can find it. The buses from Newark into the City are long and tiring. Taxi's and limos always seem to cost as much as from Kennedy. The train to the City works okay but there are about 30 min waits for what turns out to be City commuter trains. You can catch an Amtrak train that looks wonderful compared to the local train. Be quick as it comes flying into the terminal and speeds off. The big problem comes once in the City where the trains stop at Penn Station. You find yourself competing with hundreds of savvy New Yorkers for what seems like few taxis. Of course the trip uptown by taxi on a Friday night makes the cost of a taxi from the airport suddenly look economical. You can take the subway but with luggage and jet lag..........

In conclusion, transportation in New York is available to all and is in abundance, and all is trying to use it - bring lots of money.

Happy Trails, Peter in SF