Subject: Re: NYC hotels
hi Nelly-

as a former new yorker i know quite a few hotels and do not recognize any that you mentioned except for the Mayflower. If i were in your postion, i would obtain a map of new york city and note the location of each hotel on a map. if you decide that you want to go to theater every night i would definitely stay in a hotel within walking distance, even a long walk from the theaters. museums might be a different location and other interests a third. if the mayflower is on 56th or 57th street, then that would be a central location for shopping, museums and a long stroll to the theater.

if your choice is between two centrally located hotels, try to look at pictures of the rooms on the website and see if you can tell whether they have been updated.

candice may be more familiar with the other hotels that you mentioned.

i have telephoned new york city hotels and spoken to the reservations manager to request information about specific floors in the hotel that may have been updated, views from the room, whether there is a bathtub, etc. i have gotten very pickey in my old age and do not want to be disappointed.

new york city is spread out and you do want to spend time underground in subways or sitting in a taxi when you could be sightseeing.

bettina jerusalem