Subject: Re: Tampere, Finland
Hi Linda and others,

Good article you found, thanks!

One small thing though, just for your information, that in sentence then beat each other's backs with pine boughs the type of branch needs correction: it is not pine but a bunch of birch boughs, called vasta or vihta depending area of Finland. The vasta is dipped in quite hot water to soften and getting the wonderful fragrance in the air.

And the custom is voluntary :D First you gently beat you your body and limps your self to get the blood circulation going and mucles relaxed. And when it's hard to reach your own back properly you can ask someone to help. Then dip into water, best if there is a lake or sea available and can world be more peaceful after sauna and hard days work.

Or odd and peculiar, depending off point of view.

Had to, tell this, cause I've had and heard so many visitors paniced after hearing word Sauna.

Regards from nice spring day, Kati, Kangasala in Finland