Subject: Re: Online hotel booking sites

Maybe I am old fashioned but most of the time I deal directly with the hotels specially in Europe.

In Latin America I reserve through local agencies and sometimes I call directly the hotels which works very good when they offer Seniors Discounts, like in Chile.

One booking site that was a big disappointment was This site came out with big fanfare as the site owned by most of the big hotel chains. Last year I made a reservation for the Wyndham Hotel in Washington DC though travelweb. It seemed a great rate. Later I did what I should have done earlier: shop around. had a much better rate, so I canceled my reservation through travelweb, paid a $25 penalty but saved quite a bundle. ( ...learnt the lesson)

I also noticed that some booking sites use all kind of tricks to make you believe that they are giving you a better

room. In this particular case some booking sites offered just a double room and others a deluxe double room.

I called the hotel to find about the difference and there was none. They call all rooms deluxe.

Graziella Miami Beach