Subject: Re: Guatemala
Hi, We visited Antigua two years ago. We had a great time. I do not have to tell you that it is a lovely little colonial town with a great past. Many of the most magnificent exponents of its architecture were demolished and /or damaged by earthquakes nevertheless Antigua today is a fascinating destination.

Being tiny as it is, during the day we walked a lot feeling safe. At night because it is dark and many streets are empty, we took taxis. Even walked some times early in the night but I guess it was not that wise. Nothing ever happened to us.

Taxis charged a pre set fare for almost all destinations within town. For visiting the nearby towns, famous country fairs, etc. we always hired a private taxi (they were vans actually) sometimes sharing with other guests at our hotel (La Posada del Angel).

Our drivers were good and prudent but the driving in the nearby hills is mad. Sometimes I felt we were going to crash specially with the gallinero buses. They happily drive on the wrong side of the roads, including in the hilly roads. These gallinero buses are often crowded with people hanging and lots of things on the top of the bus. I guess you can say that it was the most dangerous part of our trip.

We loved what we saw of Guatemala, people are extremely kind and sweet but it would be unwise to say that there is not a quota of danger.

Graziella, Miami Beach.