Subject: Re: Apartment rentals in Italy
Barbara, As you have seen from the response so far, Ziners have a lot of information to offer about Italy.

We have used TuscanHouse ( for Italy rentals. There are houses and apartments on offer. The two principals you will deal with are Zak and Gary. Zak is situated in Siena, Gary in Oklahoma and both go out of their way to accommodate their clients. We had a fabulous house in Tuscany. I had a lot of e-mail correspondence with both Zak and Gary (also talked with Gary on the phone) and when we showed up at the rental office in the town (two days late according to their schedule) we were strongly chastised because they thought we were lost somewhere in Italy.

While at the house, the owner drove up one day to make sure everything was in order. We felt like we were family and somebody wanted to take care of us. I have since discovered that TuscanHouse is a large operation but with a caring attitude. I highly recommend their service based on our experience. Even the restaurant owner in our very small village knew that we were staying at Angela's house and very kindly welcomed us and made sure that there was a table for us for dinner. Lucy, Toronto