Subject: Re: Online hotel booking sites
Hi Judy,

Wonderfully informative post. Thank you.

This past fall, we were looking for a hotel room in Sydney for New Year's Eve and in my calls to travel agents, I found that none in the area we wanted to stay in had room available.

I then tried, knowing that some hotel sites have some pre- reserved rooms and was hoping that this would be the case. showed a number of my choices as available so I made a booking at one. I received a confirmation 24 hours later. Then the day after that, I got an email saying that there were no rooms available. In the meantime, I had stopped my search because I had a done deal, now losing 3 days. I contacted and asked them for ANY room in the area and after 48 hours they came to be with a nothing available email while their site still showed availability.

Like your letter of complaint to them, I also received the thank you for your correspondence form letter.

I'll never let them waste my time again.

Candice NYC