Subject: The Chilean Lake District
Hello to Carlos and Rosemary and others interested.

As is usual with me, my news is somewhat old, but my husband and I visited Santiago briefly, on our way to the beautiful Lake District in Chile. We actually took the train to Temuco which is in the highlands and is an interesting native area, however the train is NOT the way to go - take the plane (one hour vs. overnight!)

We stayed in a lovely little town next to the lake at the foot of Mt. Osorno. It was small, beautiful, peaceful, and an easy place from which to visit Petrohue Falls, and Lago de Todos Santos. These are stunningly beautiful spots, the green waters of the lake are just wonderful.

We also took the small boat over to the Isla Tengle (spelling?) for the Roast-in-a-pit-in-the- ground Chicken and Fish Feast! It was a marvelous delicious experience.

Hope you find lots of other info....

Happy weekend! Pat in California