Subject: Re: Getting from Liverpool to Chester, England
Hi Helen

You ask about getting to Chester from Liverpool by public transit. I can't tell you about that but you might consider some of these offerings!

One place on my list of to see's if I ever get to Liverpool is the Lady Lever Art Gallery at Port Sunlight. It has all those terribly romantic late Victorian artists - Rossetti, Millais, etc.! It's free.

Port Sunlight itself looks interesting - founded by the industrialist William Lever in the Victorian era. It's a model village of houses and public buildings built for the workers by more than 30 architects.

Here's a map of the port of Liverpool. The docks are just a quarter of a kilometre from buses.

To find buses, try this site: for Merseyside public transport journey planner. I put in Liverpool dock to Sunlight Park. It takes about 30 minutes for the journey.

Another highly regarded art gallery is the Walker with more Pre-Raphaelites and an enormous collection of decorative art. Free - all national museums are.

Of course, there is always the Beatles! For other suggestions, see:

You can also visit John Lennon and Paul McCartney's boyhood homes. They are owned by the National Trust. The 12 pound price includes minibus transit from the dock.

The main tourism site for Liverpool:

Cheers! Frances Toronto, Canada