Subject: Re: Washington DC
Dear Bill:

Besides the obvious Mall museums and the monuments (old and new): make sure you visit the International Spy Museum (not free, but worth it), and take a day to go out to the new Air and Space Museum annex out by Dulles Airport. It has a Concorde and other large flying machines. There is a shuttle out there if you don't have a car. An out of the way place is the Phillips Art Gallery near Dupont Circle. A gem tucked away in a residential area. Then there is the new City Museum across from the new convention center. Also, if you not alone, try the Marrakesh Restaurant on New York Ave., also near the new convention center. Always a good time, especially with wine.

If you want to see a celebrity, try the Palm Restaurant on 19th St. at lunch time (reservations needed). In the late afternoon, stroll around Georgetown and end up at Sequoia Restaurant overlooking the Potomac and the Harbour area (at the foot of Wisconsin Ave.). Watch the sunset there.

Have a great time. Gene from Arlington, VA