Subject: Ideas for a city new to cruise ships
Hi Everyone, I have just learned that our city is looking to become a cruise ship destination stopover along the path bound for Alaska. Given that all of you are more travelled that me and many with cruise-ship experience, I would like to ask for your input.

I am hoping to write letter to our city's environmental advisory committee and would like to make suggestions of how to minimize impact and maintain the natural and cultural features that will draw vistors to our city of 80,000.

We have a deep harbour already, protected by an island and there are plans to build a 10 million dollar (Cdn) berth so we can accommodate the cruise ships. We have paved walking paths on the waterfront for 4 km and TONS of history (Aboriginals, Hudson's Bay Co, coal mining, railway etc).

What features and services would you suggest we avoid and what would you suggest we add to our waterfront area? I.e. What to you love and hate about cruise ship stoping point?

Any ideas appreciated.

Donna Nanaimo