Subject: Re: Washington DC
Hi, Bill,

I didn't see your original request for info, but I live in Brooklyn and am in DC on business 1-3 times per month, overnighting and eating out. My wife and I just spent three days there doing things I don't have time to do on business.

The museums in DC are simply world-class. We spent an afternoon at the permanent exhibition of the Holocaust Museum; and while we're not Jewish, we are citizens of the country and the world and we have to say it was the most powerful, thoughtful, scary/horrifying afternoon we've spent in a long time, if not ever. Go to the website and reserve ahead because it's often hard to get into. It's free (they want a few bucks donation) but they have to ration entrance times to keep from being overcrowded.

Then, all the Smithsonians are simply worth it and there's no way of saying which is best except by your own interests. Their website is also very informative.

Restaurants abound at all levels. The best, high-end (meaning $60-80 to $100 per person, counting a couple of drinks and wine), all downtown, in my experience include:

Kinkeads: I'd argue the best place in town and the most popular hi end place, per Zagat's guide. Mainly fish, but some meat. One thing making it great is the expend as much creativity on the veggies on the plate as on the fish/meat. I've often walked out saying the memorable thing was the veggie (and I'm a confirmed meat/fish eater).

Marcels: a couple of years old, Flemish/Belgian/French. Great old jazz pianist. Game, Foie Gras, etc.

Tosca: a year or so old northern Italian; great home-made pastas, game dishes, tasting menu. No tomato sauce on speghetti in sight.

But the list can go on and on--Asian fusian great places, really good steakhouses (M& S Grill), more modest prices but great food in Adams-Morgan and other with it neighborhoods, etc., etc.

Don't overplan; just do it and have a great time!