Subject: Washington, DC
Hi, Bill,

I just responded to someone else on DC and perhaps you can find that. I live in Brooklyn, NY, but am in DC on business 1-3 times per month. I'm not sure there are secrets about DC, exept maybe in relation to your personal interests. The great museums are just that, great; pick as many as you want to spend time on. The Holocaust permanent exhibition is worth the half day it takes for anyone, Jewish or not, to see (and I'm not)--just one of the most powerful, thoughtful museum days I've ever spent. Restaurants are too hard to suggest without knowing your tastes and budget; but there's something for everyone, from top world-class to funky for 20-year olds and a diverse array of ethnic community stuff.

If you're into Jazz, one of the great original nightclubs, Blues Alley, is still going strong (in Georgetown).

Baze NY