Subject: Honeymoon in Oct/Nov 2005
Hi, everyone. I'm a new member trying to decide where to honeymoon in fall of 2005. Our wedding will be in late October or early November, and we know we want to be near the Mediterranean in Spain, Greece, or Italy. I'm interested in traveling to all of them (and have only been to Greece before), so I need some help narrowing things down!

I am not sure what our budget will be, although I am sure we will be budget travelers. (I work full-time, but my fiance has gone back to school full-time this year.) I hope we will be able to honeymoon for 10-14 days. I want to be able to experience wherever we go at least somewhat as locals do, meaning that I would like to visit three cities max while we are honeymooning. . . . Like I said, I want my fiance to be able to experience the Mediterranean, and we are also into food, flowers, and architecture.

If anyone has great ideas for itineraries for our trip, I would love to hear them. I hear Tuscany is beautiful in fall. . . . I'm not sure how safe travel to Spain will be for Americans in 2005.

I'm just not sure what to do! Thanks for any assistance you can give.

Sally Rome, GA, United States