Subject: Re: Travel in Santiago, Chile
Hi Rosemary,

We visited Chile in November 2003 and I highly recommend visiting Chile. We went for the natural beauty and hiking. We found the people very friendly and we felt very safe. We also found it very easy to get around. We got a LanChile Air Pass because we wanted to visit the far North, Santiago, the Lake District and Patagonia in our three weeks. We also drove both in the Altiplano and in the Lake district.

We visited Villarrica which is not really the Lake district but just a bit to the North. I highly recommend staying at Hosteria de la Colina. While in Villarrica, we went hiking in Huerquehue National Park, viewed the many waterfalls and drove through Conguillo National Park to see the Araucaria (Monkey Puzzle) trees.

I sent emails while travelling and I have them archived in my blog. You can find the Chile archives here: I also have a gallery of photos which can be found here: Also use the search function on Travelzine. John Rule posted some very helpful messages when I was planning with great information on Santiago and the Lake District.


Marta Washington State