Subject: Re: Honeymoon in Oct/Nov 2005
Hi Sally,

Welcome! You'll find a wealth of info and ideas here!

I have to agree with Candice. I think Italy will be a good choice for this trip, given the time of year. You cound stay in Rome for 4 days, rent an apartment for a week in the countryside in Tuscany or Umbria and see things on day trips, and end in Florence for a few days. Having a base for a week will give you a better feel for local life. If you'd rather not drive, you can choose a town as a base and train/bus to your daytrips, although driving around the countryside is GREAT! Such a diverse and beautiful landscape.

Depending on the flight prices of an open jaw fare, it may be cheaper to fly in and out of Rome, even with the train fare back to Rome. A travel agent (or lots of internet checking) can give you an idea. You should be able to get a good flight price at that time of year.

If you like history and archeology, you could instead spend several of the days around Naples (we liked Sorrento as a base). There is a lot of archeological sites to see, as well as the cultural experience of Naples. On Capri, you can hike to the top for beautiful views and wander around one of the imperial villas.

There's a nice little park for a picnic...I'm not sure how cool the weather would be in November, though.

At a later date, you should go back to Greece and check out Sicily, but not at this time of year, as many places are closed off season.

All this said, LESS IS MORE!! Don't pack too much into this trip. Staying put at least for 3 nights gives you time to see things without being rushed. Honestly, if I only had 2 weeks, and I wanted to save money by taking the train and not springing for the car and gas, I would split my time between Rome, Florence, and Venice, really getting to know a bit of each city, and save the countryside for a later trip some summer when you have more days and good pool/beach weather. My husband and I are both H.S. teachers. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting by the pool at an agriturismo looking at the hills or vineyards, or relaxing at a nice beach in Calabria or Sicly, after a busy school year! My mind is there already...8 weeks and counting!

Happy wedding and travel planning!

Ciao, Kristy S.F.