Subject: For Sally - Honeymoon in 2005
Hi Sally, I would recommend that you check out the Untours website for their apartments in Italy for your honeymoon. You get to live like a local in a quaint apt, shop in the local markets for food if your chef husband decides to try out his culinary training (or eat in lovely restaurants when he doesn't want to cook), have a rental car and, maybe best of all, a contact to call if you need help. You can find them at and they have places all over Europe, including Italy, Spain and Greece which I think are the countries in which you expressed an interest. It's a really neat way to travel, so check it out. Oh, I should say that I do not work for Untours or receive any kickback for recommending them. I'm just a satisfied traveler. Can't wait to go back. Either Umbria or the Italian lake district is next on my list for Untours.... one of these years.

Have fun deciding where to go and what to do, Ruth Marie Colorado

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