Subject: River boat in Savannah
Mary in California:

Taking the small boat is not inconvenient. It is a VERY short ride to the other side but very pleasant. From my perspective there is nothing of interest on the other side except the Westin that I believe sponsors the boat. The cost is insignificant.

I don't think the boat runs late because it is primarily for Westin workers and Westin guests to get to the city where all the action is.

Safety is not a concern because 1. it is such a short ride and 2. it basically only operates during the day (there would be no reason to take the boat at night).

The boat makes several stops from the Westin to the other side. I liked being on the water and seeing the city from another perspective.

I would recommend calling the Westin and getting specifics from their concierge. FYI hotel guests of the Westin ride free.

Pat Washington DC