Subject: Re: Barcelona Hotels, Restaurants and Sights
Hi Lesley,

I was in Barcelona last summer. It's a wonderful city.

The hotel we stayed in was the Hotel Continental Palacete, their

website is They have two hotels and we stayed at the Palacete....on the right on the webpage. It's a very comfortable 3 stay hotel. However, if you stay there, booked one of the better rooms, somce of the cheaper ones seemed to overlook an airshaft. Our room, which is the one on the website, was a good size good, pretty, and had a large bathroom. Again, all these compliments are within the range of 3 star, I'm not saying it's a 5 star hotel, it's not. It's conveniently located near Las Ramblas, however, I don't know if it's close to your convention center. You'd have to email or look at a map to answer that question. I just don't know Barcelona well enough to answer.

A charming restaurant is called 4CATS and it's an old place where Picasso and Miro used to hang out and drink. Lot's of 30's charm and good, reasonably priced food.

Another popular place is Set Portes (7 Doors). It's down near the water and is popular with tourists, though I did see locals there too. The food is good (specialty, Paella) and would especially be good if you find that you're a large group. They can handle that and they speak english.

Both restaurants have websites if you do a Google search.

Not to miss sights are anything that has to do with Gaudi. The famous Sagrada Familia church and my favorite, Park Guell. Really an outstanding place to visit. Walk along Las Ramblas, which is a pedestrian street with lots of street vendors. Watch out for pickpockets. We didn't have any problems, but we were very carful.

Along Las Ramblas is an incredible food market that's fun to wander into and the sex museum. The big Dept store there is El Corte Englais, there are a few in Barcelona but the one near Las Rambals is the largest. I got some good bottles of wine there at very reasonable prices.

I would recommend taking the tourist bus around town. That will give you an idea of the highlights and then you can go back and visit the ones that interest you later. However, Park Guell is a must, even though it's a bit out of the way.

Candice NYC