Subject: Re: Ideas for a city new to cruise ships
Hi Donna, My experience is as a cruise passenger and I remember reading a local newspaper in Key West with articles complaining about the daily disgorging of tourists. I suspect from these articles that once the door is open, it can't be closed again. Nanaimo may gain currency (though most cruise passengers will take a tour to Victoria or to the Pacific Rim park). Politicians love having cruise ships dock in their towns because of the docking fees which bring much needed money to the municipal coffers but the towns change as a result of the business.

Why not write to town newspapers in Alaska and ask how they have managed with the cruise traffic? One of the biggest concerns is sanitation. The reputable cruise lines will ensure that they don't pollute but we read, from time to time, of major lines that are fined for dumping in the ocean - and what is dumped eventually ends up on our shore lines.

One thing I can guarantee. As soon as the dock is opened for business, there will be many entrepreneurs appearing with local crafts to sell. A personal hate will be the t-shirt concessions: Nanaimo - gateway to the Pacific and every variation thereof.

The best part of travelling is being among other cultures: the worst part is imposing our desires as travellers on those cultures. The ultimate quandary. Lucy, Toronto