Subject: Ooops moments (was Our trip to Boston)
Ziners On checking my post, I note that I was a day out of sync on the details. The marathon was Monday, so the Sunday dinner was actually Monday and the Monday lunch at Soncie was on Tuesday. Which points out one of the best features of travelling - forgetting the day because the only one you should remember is the one that's indicated on your return ticket.

Many, many years ago we arrived at the Iberia ticket office in Madrid to reconfirm our air tickets (remember when you had to do that in Europe?) only to find that we were one week late. We had not checked the return dates so there we were in Madrid with staledated tickets. We spent a few hours with the Iberia agent who had to Telex (yes it was many years ago) to Canada to ensure that we had purchased the tickets and our passports were valid. In the end, the office closed and we had to return the next day to start all over again. We were pleasantly surpised to find that we didn't care all that much that we had been neglectful and overstayed our time in Spain.

We've had a few of these Ooops! moments which have all turned out well. How many Ziners out there have had Ooops! moments that became memorable? Lucy, Toronto